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A Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker Review



Whistle 3 review

Name: Whistle 3
Price: $79.95 plus subscription
Owners: Ben Jacobs CEO
Overall Rank: 4.3 out of 5

Whistle 3, Product Overview

The whistle 3 is an innovative way to keep track of your pets. A small and light GPS tracker that attaches to collar gives parents a unique insight. It not only tracks your pets it also measures the health of your pet. They created a means to follow your pets sleep pattern and the amount of activity they get in a day.

The GPS is set up using Americas the largest network, AT&T. Your smartphone links with the free app and tells you the area your pets can be located.
Use the map to locate and track your pet in minutes nationwide, right from your phone.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Battery lasts for 7 days and only takes 2 hours to charge
  • It’s compatible with android 5 or later and apple iOS 10 or later
  • Waterproof rating of IPX7
  • Easily attaches to any harness or collar no greater than 1 inch wide
  • Subscription plans start at 6.95/month
  • Can give family, friends or caretaker free whistle app to help monitor your pets location.
  • Activity Monitor also tracks sleeping patterns
  • Comes in three colors – green, blue, and gray

The Bad:

  • Monthly subscription
  • Can only choose one pet to use the tracker on
  • Lacks full coverage need to be in WiFi hot spot
  • Not available outside of the US at this time
  • Deletes tracked info every 24 hours

Who is Whistle 3 For?

The Whistle 3 is for all pet parents who want to know where they go when not at home. Have you ever been afraid that your pets no at their optimal health? Put in all of your pets information is put in you no longer have to worry. The Whistle 3 helps you monitor the amount of activity and sleep that is good for their breed.

Staying on track has never been easier

This GPS tracker can be used by multiple friends and family in your neighborhood. Keeping your loved one’s safe no longer has to done alone. You’ll receive an email, text or in app notifications when your pet leaves their safe place. These come in way before they get to far away.

Whistle 3 Tools & Training

To set up the tracker you simply plug it into the charging doc and download the app. Here you will be given you the option to set up a profile for your pet. This consists of the photo, name, age, weight, and breed. There is a monthly subscription fee to use it.

Once you’ve set up your
profile go ahead and attach to your pet’s collar and you’re ready
to start tracking. It only weighs 1 ounce, and can be placed on many collars. Good for use on both cats and dogs.

Whistle 3 Support

All Whistle customers can visit the support center or call 844-5-WHISTL

for assistance. Hours of operation are

Monday – Friday

10:00am – 7:00pm EST

Saturday & Sunday

10:00am – 6:30pm EST

Your questions will be answered promptly.
If I have an older Whistle product, you can upgrade to Whistle 3. Simply get a refund for any service remaining in either your biennial or annual account. Don’t forget, with a new whistle 3 subscription carry over your pets information.
Contact customer support for a full walk through.

Whistle 3 Price

Once you have purchased the whistle 3 for $79.95 you will find in the delivery box…

  • A quick start guide
  • 1 Whistle 3 GPS tracker/activity monitor
  • A USB charger
  • 1 attachment for collars 1″ wide or smaller

The total cost varies with subscription plan. Choose from a monthly $9.95 – 12 month commitment, one year $95.40 – billed annually, or the two year $166.80 – billed biennially. You will active the device once you’ve chosen the subscription plan that works for you.

Purchasing exclusively from, you’ll get 2 day free shipping and 90 day trial risk free.

My Final Opinion of Whistle 3

I’ve said all I can about the Whistle 3. You have to see for yourself just how wonderful it is. I will leave a few customer reviews for you.

1.) We have a pair of Great Pyrenees which are known to escape and roam. We have used several generations of the Whistle tracker and have to say the Whistle 3 is our favorite. The ease of use and client friendly screens make it a wonderful tool, plus the peace of mind it brings. Also, the notifications allow us to keep track of our pet sitter and ensure our pups are being walked as we are told.

2.) I have to say I was a little bit skeptic, but really needed to try some type of tracker after my year old Goldendoodle took an 18 hour tour of the countryside. We live in a very remote area of the North Georgia mountain, so I was curious how well it would work. I have to say I am totally amazed at how well it works. We have had it about a month, and have had to use it twice to find him again, which was done within about 5-10 minutes. Had we had the Whistle 3 when he went on his countryside tour, I would not have had 18 hours of heartbreak and worry. Thanks so much for a wonderful product.

3.) When ever I have had a question or problem, Whistle’s customer service has been there for me and my dog. Great products, top notch customer service.

Whistle 3 at a Glance…

Name: Whistle 3
Price: $79.95 plus subscription
Owners: Ben Jacobs CEO
Overall Rank: 4.3 out of 5


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