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Essential Pet Accessories to have in Travel Bag

So far you’ve got the passport, the perfect carrier, and now it’s time to pack. Here are just a few reminders of the essentials you should have on hand.

You might need a big suitcase

As far as the initial items, you want in your pets suitcase.  You want to keep in mind where you are going and the type of adventure you’re going to have.

The weather being the first condition to worry about.  The right protective clothing is important. Paw booties for foreign areas, plus a raincoat and a good cold weather coat will do just fine.

If traveling by boat, we all know that a life jacket is non-negotiable for people. Your pets are not exempt from this life saving necessity. Remember, just because they can swim doesn’t mean they don’t need one.

Enjoying the beautiful scenery off the beaten path or in a busy high traffic streets, have bright colored handkerchief.  A safety vest is a good idea in case they get away from you. They need to be seen not only for vehicles, but for you to find them should they get away from you.  Here I recommend using a GPS tracker attached to the collar.

Because you’re taking your pets out of familiar territory they need to have the toys that make them happy and keep them calm. I highly recommend taking toys that they can live without. If it’s time for a new one they may need time to like it.

Covers for all occasions

Car seat covers are required for rental cars and should be in your vehicle as well. They protect not only the seats (and keep you from hours of vacuuming hair and dander) but your pets from the heat.

Don’t forget about their bed. It’s nice helping the hotel you’re staying at remain pet friendly. What I mean is depending on how your pets acts at home you need to have loose bedding like towels and blankets to cover the furniture your pets might like to sit on. Bring a bedspread if they sleep with you ( this protects the hotels bedding ) or use the ones provided by the hotel.

Toiletries for your pet

Now if you’re an easy going traveler and don’t mind using the hotels free grooming samples. This subject might be a new concept to you. Your pets might not have those freebies available to them. So at home fill the travel size bottles with no-tangle spray, and your pets shampoo and conditioner.

Hotels might require your pets be clean before entering your room so have plenty of cleansing pads.  Super absorbent towels or a pet hair dryer help keep the hotel happy with less mess to clean.

Brush comb and pet clippers will always have them looking their best.

Have prescription medications and a First aid kit to protect the health of your loved ones. Please talk with your vet about your pets specific needs and ask what you need to have in the First aid kit.

Have pads, poo bags and a portable litter box for all their bathroom needs.

Accidents happen so be ready

I’m assuming you will be in a rental car at this point if you are traveling out of state or internationally.  This is where window wipes are great to clean off the cute nose and paw prints. Do I need to explain why you need a Lint roller? No, okay moving along.

Keep paper towels away from your pets at all times when not using them. We don’t want them eating them and getting sick. Extra zip lock bags are a good idea too just in case they get sick and upchuck.

Bring a bottle of enzymatic cleaning solution for all unavoidable accidents.

Whether traveling in an RV, on the train or relaxing in your room, keep power cords and cables out of reach by using Gaffer’s tape or painters’ blue tape.

Time to take a tour

When it’s time to go exploring a pet walking pouch is great to have for all the next must haves on the list.

An extra collar, leash and harness couldn’t hurt to have simply because safety is of the utmost importance.  When traveling by car and things always like to break or get lost when you least expect it.

Quiet clicker is a good way to keep your pet under control without making a scene.

You want to give them their favorite treats for being so well-behaved away from home. But if they are a bit more exited then you are, a calmer might be in order.

You should have packed in the pouch extra poop bags along with again zip lock bags and a scoop.

Collapsible food and water bowls make it easier to enjoy a nice lunch and take in the view. Speaking of food, make a food kit filled of the brands you love.  You might not be able to find them where you go.

Research your destinations rules regarding the import of meat products.

This might seem a little weird but…

Finally, you’re done packing. Time to take a break, you deserve it.
  Did you forget anything?

If you’re like me and like to have everything clean, neatly packed, and ready to go when you want it and to stay that way the next time you travel. I tend to have back-ups of the items I liked the most.  Replace the used ones in a prepacked bag. Buy non-perishables twice so it’s always on hand you don’t need to replace anytime soon.

Since you’ve followed all the steps on preparing for your family vacation, the only thing to do now is book your vacation.

Please comment below if you have any suggestions on what to bring with you.





  1. Your article brought me down memory lane when I had my yorkie. Her name was Khloe’ and I treated her like she was a human being (LOL).

    When my husband and I would travel, sometimes we would bring her along, and I packed everything for her and made sure it was enough to last. Everyone would tell me, “You treat that dog like she’s your daughter.” Um, newsflash, she is my daughter, I would tell them.

    Thanks for sharing this post on the essentials when need to have to making our packing and traveling experience enjoyable.

    1. You were totally right telling people she’s your daughter. All pet parents are proud parents too.

      I’m very happy to see you completely understand this post. I was worried people would see this as over kill. Thank you for leaving such a fun comment.

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