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Having a pet is both rewarding and can be a bit of a handful. The amount of unconditional love shared between parent and pet is indescribable. So searching for a trustworthy brand is vital for not only the pets but also their owners. Have you ever thought of a company that has a CFO?

Yes. you read that right Chief Four legged officer (CFO). The new CFO’ Charlie Is the chief representative of Doskocils brand Petmate. She will help in the research and development of new toys and products to strengthen the bonds of our beloved pets. Keep an eye out for the special appearances Charlie will be making throughout the year.

Nations Leading Innovator

Based in Arlington, Texas Petmate was founded in 1963. They have never stopped pioneering pet products for families who love to travel and play. Let’s not forget about high-quality goods for the home as well. The dedication for pets of all sizes hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Petmate won the Bronze Edison Green Award for its Spectrum resin compounding facility, and the Bronze Lifestyle Award in consumer goods for its Extended Pet Carrier.

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Petmate’s Spectrum facility is designed top to bottom with the environment in mind. Petmate takes recycling a step beyond by reusing all internal scrap, including foam from bedding, for future products, further reducing waste.

Let’s talk about animal care

IN an earlier post I mentioned how your pets get anxious when you leave them for long periods at time. This also happens in millions of dogs from loud noises, meeting strangers, and sometimes travel. It can be a very debilitating issue for mans best friend. Thank goodness Petmate introduced the CALMZ anxiety relief system.

There’re no pills or some strange concoction you have to give them before they face an anxiety situation. When they are scared simply put on the harness system and watch as they begin to relax. Perfect for use while going on vacation.

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There’s even an Academy

Are you’re having a problem training your pet, say in getting them used to a kennel or simple potty training?
Petmate has you covered. Their goal is to ensure families have long healthy and happy lives together. Wither you’re new or a long time animal lover Petmate has a course for you.

Birds, rabbits, cats and dogs, everyone has help readily available if they need it. Since this is a pet travel site i have to recommend a few articles to read, The Benefits of Microchipping, Ready to travel with your pet, Dog friendliest US cities, and Choosing the right kennel for your dog are my highest must read list. Research is a must when you decide to travel with the whole family and Petmate Academy will go a long way in helping you.

Partners with Pilots N Paws

Pilots N Paws is dedicated to saving the lives of pets by rescuing them from kill shelters and transporting them to rescue groups.  Petmate, has supported Pilots N Paws for years by donating more than $100,000 in pet travel gear to facilitate the safe transport of pets to rescue organizations across the country for adoption.

The intent of Pilots N Paws is to provide an environment in which volunteers can come together and arrange or schedule rescue flights, overnight foster care or shelter, and all other related activities.


There’s so much more that can be said about Petmate. They make pet family favorite brands like Aspen Pet, Wetnoz, JW and more available at pet supply stores nationwide. Finding a company that cares so much for pets and owners is a rare thing these days, Please by all means head on over and give them a look.

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