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You can’t talk about pets without eventually thinking about helping your local animal shelter. Let’s face it, those wonderful loving creatures fill our hearts with so much love. Why not help a shelter spread the word and get some needy animals a safe loving home.

I mentioned before that I don’t currently have a cute and cuddly companion of my own. Due to apartment living I can’t have one but that doesn’t stop me from looking in pet shelters. With so many options it’s really hard to choose. Since I can’t have one of my own just yet, helping spread the word to adopt will have to do.

Having a pet is good for your health

Study after study have proven having a pet helps us in so many unforeseen ways. They boost our endorphins to fight depression, help us stay active, help with social anxiety, and save lives. Pride is also a natural side effect of adopting and caring for animals in general.

Some pets have been known to help their owners find true love. They have a sixth sense when it comes to your feelings and will do everything they can to make you feel better. For some reason pets really want their owners to be happy.

Say NO to puppy mills!

Going to a pet store to buy your pet is more than likely endorsing a “puppy mill”. These places are the most deplorable animal cruelty factories. They keep them in the worst imaginable conditions with no human companionship . Typically, they pack them in small cages, are not given proper medical care, mothers are bred over and over again until they are no longer useful.

Profit is all that matters the level of care becomes nonexistent. Purchasing a pet from flea markets, online/ classified ads, and pet stores only keeps these places in business. You will never be told of the underlying buyer beware of is placed on the poor pet that was bought. Besides paying sometimes $500 or more, most pet stores won’t help with any problems or questions you have once you leave the store.

Don’t give puppy mills a dime and go to your local shelter.

Looking for a pure breed?

Breeders are not the only place you can get a purebred pet anymore. Adoption shelters should be your first stop when looking for a specific type of cat or dog. More than 20% of animals are purebred. There’s even shelters that are in certain breeds.

Getting a purebred animal at shelter includes a full physical examination. They are treated for medical issues that might come up, are spayed and neutered, and possibly micro chipped for you. you are gambling with your pets life when you buy from a pet store. Your new family member can have parasites diseases and not have a good temperament suited for the home.

Saving a life is no small matter

Approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized each year. We’ve seen the commercials and know that shelters are too full. There simply aren’t enough adoptive homes. When more people take home a new loving pet, they make room for another animal to receive care at a shelter. Everyone deserves a second chance and these wonderful animals of all sizes and breeds need one too.

Most pets area also house-trained as well. Shelters handle behavioral problems with each rescue that comes in. It’s their goal to place them in loving homes with as little trouble as possible. The reason so many animals are in a shelter is because of common human faults.

Broken homes, not enough income, or moving to non pet friendly location, put a lot of good pets in shelters.

Please make sure you’re ready to adopt not only emotionally but also financially.

Adopting does so much more

Adopting a pet and giving them a good home is only part of the equation. You aren’t just getting a new best friend either. the shelter prepares for the next animal to take the place your pet had and readies them for a new home. when you take yours home and start a new joyous journey together the people you meet will see how happy you tow are together. They will then start to think to themselves about adopting a pet of their own,

You aren’t just helping an adoption shelter you’re helping humans find happiness as well.

Please share any adoption stories you have below.





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