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Brand: Petmate


Price: Prices vary from $29.95 to $149.95

Corporate Name: Doskocil

Overall Rank: 4.5 out of 5

Let’s take a look at Petmate

Petmate is a company whose sole purpose is to make pets and owners happy. They’ve been around for over 50 years creating quality environmentally friendly pet care products.

They are a worldwide leader in excellence and they were the first to make IATA approve pet kennels. In 2014 they received the bronze Edison Award for the spectrum manufacturing facility in plastics.

Originally started in Arlington Texas, they still manufacture products there even though they have grown into an international success.

Here’s more about the carriers;

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  1. Kennels have an interior floor moat that makes clean up a breeze.
  2. Meets USDA and IATA requirements for shipping live animals.
  3. Made from 25% recycled material, and use microban technology to keep your pet safe from germs and harmful bacteria when traveling.
  4. Easy to assemble

The Bad:

  1. Carriers do not come with wheels.
  2. A complete kennel travel kit that includes spill resistant food and water cups, custom fit absorbent pad, temporary id, sticker and zip ties sold separately.

Eco conscience pet owners

The materials used in most of their plastic products are sourced from post-industrial, pre-consumer and recyclable materials. They want to reduce our carbon footprint to ensure pets and their families have a beautiful world to play in.

They also partnered with Microban – a company that is redefining clean with proactive antimicrobial protection. Its proactive systems keep Petmates’ carriers cleaner and stop odors problems preventing microbial growth before they start.

Check out their amazing sales!

Some assembly may be required

Education is very important for everything we do in life. Your pets well-being depends on how much you know. Petmate has a plethora of articles to read from whether you’re a veteran parent or a novice.

The articles in particular you should peruse are; ” Where did you go?”, “How to train your dog”, and ” Benefits of micochipping”.

There’s even a video called Kennels and Crates 101 which explains how to size your pet to the crate and how to acclimate them getting used to using it. There’s so much in the educational video you won’t regret watching it.

With regard to the Petmate carriers they sell a travel kit that is a must have. It includes the following

  • Spill resistant food and water cup
  • Cut-to-fit absorbent kennel pad
  • Temporary Pet ID tag
  • 12 – Zip ties
  • Shipping identification sticker
  • Nuts and bolts 12 – 1 ¼” bolts 5 – 1 ¾” bolts 5 – 1” bolts 12 – washers 12 – nuts

Head here for Support

For questions about the carriers please head over to their Website or Facebook page.

Call 1877-PETMATE 1877-(738-6283)

Which one to choose

This video is brought to you by Petmate

The carriers are available on their site. Prices vary greatly from different types of carriers.

The Petmate Vari starts at $26.95 for a 19″ and 129.95 for a 40″ carrier.

The highest price one is the Petmate Ultra Vari at 149.95 for a 40″.

There’s so many styles and wide variety of brands to choose from you’re sure to meet your pets needs.

Shipping is free on orders costing $49 or more.

Consumer Reviews

“This is a great product recommended by AKC show pros and purchased for our future dog.”

“Only type of carrier I’ll use to transport my cat in the car because it has a seat belt notch at the top! I can securely “seat belt” carrier in for added safety (Petmate Vari).”

“Item was easy to assemble and exactly as expected for an Airline approved crate.”

“My dog flies with me outside Canada every year. This is the third flight with this kennel and it has performed great.

No problems.

Required for flying is to have no wire sides and back openings. This one is plastic all around with plenty of vents. The door opens both ways which comes in handy. It has the secure holes for the zip ties by the door which is required (Petmate Navigator).”

Quick Recap

Brand: Petmate


Corporate Name: Doskocil

Price: Prices vary from $29.95 to $149.95

Overall Rank: 4.5 out of 5

Why not have a look?

Well I have to give the good people ate Petmate my stamp of approval. the not only have the been around the block for 50 years but the products they make are purely made with your pet in mind.

Their core values are engagement, passion, teamwork, accountability, and innovate. read more about them on the about us page at the bottom of the website.

they even support a charity partner called Pilot n Paws. a non- profit organization engaged in the valuable services of rescuing, sheltering and adopting animals. Plus the pilots and plane owners are willing to assist with animal transportation.

Seriously what more can I say?


If you have used their products before please tell us if you happy with them in the comments section below.


  1. Hi, thanks fort his great article. I like the fact that it tells me whether the manufacturer is ‘eco-friendly’ as this makes my purchasing much more guilt free when it comes to purchasing plastic manufactured products!
    I like the fact it has videos on how to size my pet to his carrier also, as my dog is getting quite big and am not really sure how much space he needs in the form of a travel carrier.
    Many thanks for your great info.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.  I’ve been worried about my first review for sometime.  I have to give Petmate full credit for allowing me to use their video.  It’s really important your dog has the right size carrier for them.

      I’m so happy o hear that my post was able to help you.

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