Should I get a dog or a cat



I may have mentioned earlier that I don’t have any pets right now. I live in an apartment that charges way too much for pets. Plus I never have enough food for myself I could never starve a poor animal. But the idea of someday owning a cat or dog still lives with in me.

Arguments for a dog

  1. These are just my personal thoughts on why I want a dog. Please fell free to comment your ideas.
  2. They save lives
  3. They freak out every time they see you when you get home
  4. They try to make you happy
  5. Playing with them is super easy

Every encounter I’ve had with dogs has been nothing but fun. Even when the dogs were bitters or barked like crazy due to neglect from the owner. I could still turn the dog around a make it a friend.

I love dogs but if I’m honest with myself that part of me that loves dogs is the side of me that is spontaneous and active. Turns out it’s a small part of me. I realize as I’ve gotten older that I need a pet that’s more laid back.

Arguments for a cat

  1. Cats get your attention when they want it
  2. I don’t need to take them on a walk outside
  3. They also save lives
  4. Get rid of vermin and give it to you as a gift
  5. Relieve stress

Cats have started to grow on me over time. The larger part of me that likes to just relax and enjoy a book on a rainy day, thinks a cat would be perfect. To be honest I’m not that active either.

I’ve already started looking for a type of breed that I want my first cat and dog to be.

The cat is an American short hair and the dog is the Newfoundland or German Shepard. Before you say anything yes I will go to my local pet rescue centers first. I don’t live in a state that has outlawed “puppy mills”. I will never support animal brutality.

What’s holding me back from being a pet parent is the fact that I don’t have enough space or money. I do want them to have everything that they need for a long and healthy life.

Window shopping has taken me into new directions on the items required to keep a pet alive and happy. I had no idea the many accessories that are available today.

They have clothes, furniture. Designer carriers, and high quality organic food. The world of pets has sure changed since i was a kid.

(insert pretty link)

I’m pleased to also find out that if I have a pet that qualifies for a carry on that I can have a designer purse or carrier for my pampered pet.

The only problem with all the ‘if only shopping’ is now I have to figure out what type of pet parent will I be.

The posh type: spending so much time and energy on my making my pet the most fashionable beauty around.

The in between: lover of all the cute accessories and spoils them on their birthday and Christmas.

My reality is my wallet type: I can only get a few splurges here and there so I must save and choose wisely.

Knowing me I’ll have all the pet needs and kawaii toys and accessories already for it but no pet. I tend to go over board that way. I see it as it’s better to make them feel welcome before they show up.

The reason why I started this site, was to combine my to dreams in life travel and the desire to have my own pet. I don’t have very many friends. I moved around a lot and wasn’t able to keep them for very long. So yes you can say it will help with a bit of loneliness.

Seeing the world has always been a dream of mine. We live on such a huge planet with wonders that have to be seen to fully grasp the magnificence. I’ll admit I’ve caught the travel bug. I don’t want to have to leave my pet behind if I can help it.

In doing my research I learned that you have to get your pet used to going places with you and meeting new people. Apparently just putting a harness on can be a challenge all by its self.

Practice putting on a harness or leash make sure it’s the right size and not a potential choking hazard.

Go for a walk around your neighborhood. Let people see and associate you to your pet in the community.

If you are a pet owner please let us future owners know if there’s anything I am missing.

Your input is most welcome.

Find a really good pet sitter. They should be comfortable around each other so there is no anxiety when you’re gone.

If you’re going camping or are just to visit family nearby take them in the car with you (mostly talking about dogs here) so they don’t only think of the car as going to the vet.

Pets shouldn’t be moved too much though; like small children stability is very important. For them home is where the heart is isn’t just a saying. Talk with your vet about how to properly look after them and if travel is even possible.

If you find you can go with loved one then please follow the steps in my passport guideline

If you have any suggestions on which pet I should get, please leave a comment




  1. I liked your reasons for having a dog vs having a cat. You seem to really like animals and I hope you’re able to get your own little kitty soon.

    1. Yes I really do love animals. I keep dreaming about having a small ranch with a few rescue horses, with a cat and dog running around. Then reality hits me and I have to scale back and start small with one pet. I have to admit that a cat seems like the right fit for me.
      Once I’m ready to decided I will post which furry little baby has won my heart.

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