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Why do you Whistle?



Being a parent isn’t easy. You love your children with all your heart. Providing food, shelter, clothes and comfort come second nature. Communication and healthy habits on the other hand can seem to be more elusive.

Technology has stepped in to fix this problem with smart phones. Now you can talk and track your kids anywhere in the world so long as they have their phone. What about the ones who can’t talk, your pets.

First, there was the Microchip

We all know the scenario of dogs chasing cars or that pesky squirrel and not returning home. How about the cat that doesn’t come home when its dinner time. Whatever the situation, its heart breaking to hear the many families that have lost a big piece of their lives. That was until micro chipping pets became the new norm.

Just simply having a microchip in your pet means you’re 20 times more likely to get them back. Just simply having a collar and tags isn’t enough. Heaven forbid someone takes your pet for their own and you didn’t have a chip. The micro chip has been a great success but there’s still more that can be done.

Do you know where they go?

We know of that one cat that some neighbor owns that stalks the around town. Getting feed by well-meaning people as they show just how cute and friendly they are. But do you know exactly where they go when out of sight? This is where possible danger can lurk.

Provided by Randy Laybourne

I really wanted to keep this nice and light, but a recent passing of a family friends little puppy prompted this post. Our friend has very little family left and decided to adopt a local puppy. They poured so mush love in her baby it was so adorable. One day she went out and found them in a not so animal friendly location.

I don’t want to get in to complete detail but she lost her puppy. She blames herself for not getting to the puppy in time to save it . The sad part about this story is that they had just found out about GPS trackers for pets. I implore you to give this story some thought, and don’t let your family or someone you know suffer a pain like this.

Have a look for yourself

Have you heard of the Whistle?

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Whistles’ founder understands the desires pet owners have to give their loved ones the best care they can. They believe the relationship with pets is a bond you have for life. In doing so they developed a way to keep track of the day to day activities of your

Reading their blog shows just how much they care about dogs. The dedication they have put in making a product that helps pet owners shows. They have partnered with veterinarians to create a device that give your pet the best possible care.

Their core beliefs are

  • Created a system that enriches the relationship with pet and owner
  • Have an understanding of pets as never before thought possible.
  • In understanding, data collected from smart products will bridge an information gap between pets, owners, and vets.

How it all comes together

The whistle 3 tracks your pets location, rest periods, active life style and lets you set safe zones. With in minutes you’re given the locations of your pet and shown how much activity they’ve gotten in day. After you’ve set up safe zones for your pet, the app will send you an alert if they should leave the area.

When you visit your veterinarian they will ask the following questions. Has your pet recently gained or lost weight? What kind of exercise does your pet get? The answer to these can be conveniently found on you whistle 3 apps. It tracks everything for you.

It shows a chart of your pets breed, age and weight. This helps you know if they are on track to staying healthy. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reports that’s more than 50% of both cats and dogs are obese. Birds are also among the obese. Monitoring all eating habits and activities in the house hold should extend to everyone.

Thankfully we have the Whistle 3 for our pets.

Complete overall protection gives peace of mind

There’s no such thing as too much when you look at the over all preventative protection. To do so, have your companions micro chipped. It only needs to be done once and lasts a lifetime. Have updated ID tags on their collar along with a GPS tracker.

Never wondering where your pets are when they go for a stroll, is a thing of the past. Being able to keep them fit and healthy by tracking their activities helps them live longer. Make your veterinarian happy because the Whistle 3 answers the hard questions for you. At the of the day, it”s all about having peace of mind and happy long-lived family member.

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  1. wow that a wonderful story to help people around the world with their pets. i love the way you write that story it sound very truthful.

    Even if it looks like your site is not finished yet please when you are placing the picture don’t forget to place a micro chip one. because not everyone knows what a micro chip looks like.

    Thank you

    1. I’ve been looking every where I can for a picture of a micro chip. Can’t find a single one that’s free. So it looks like I have head to my local vet for that. Hopefully they will show me.

      Honesty is the best policy right?

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

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